The leather is a noble and natural coating, a material that lasts in the time. The incorporation of the leather with a decorative function we can find it mainly in the design of clothing for his characteristic resistance and for his contribution of distinction and elegance.


This touch of distinction can get it now in environments of interior where its application is equally attractive both in the decoration of homes or offices and premises: coffee shops, restaurants…


The "Stoa coatings" combine perfectly with all materials. In the same way they join perfectly any style of decoration and in all kinds of environments: lounges, halls, bedrooms, waiting rooms, reception areas... providing smoothness, distinction, warmth and elegance.


There are a wide range of models, being a monochromatic pieces and other a combination of several colors. The color and texture of the pieces convey personality and exclusivity.


Different colours, thicknesses, reliefs, engravings and applications provides a wide range of possibilities that give a complete freedom to personalize its old coating.


To the sensations that are incorporated into the interior space are added besides its multiple benefits. They are especially suitable for housing or stays with problems of isolation. Their placement is possible on any type of support without incorporating loads to the building and without need of works, in a quick and clean way.